Two Lame Rants: One about Cheerios. The Other about Socks.

1. So I seen over the weekend that there's a new cereal on the shelves. Chocolate Cheerios. Gross. I instantly hated the idea of Chocolate Cheerios. It just seems like a total wrong of cerealness! Cheerios has a foundation in childhood purity and pseudo healthiness. A classic cereal! Sure they've strayed in the past with Honey Nut Cheerios or Frosted Cheerios-- but somehow both of those were acceptable spinoffs. Like they were out of town cousins of the original Cheerio family. But Chocolate Cheerios just ain't right!! You know how you can't really mix cereals without it all tasting gross? I feel like Chocolate Cheerios is pre-packaged cereal clash grossness! Like Cheerios and Cocoa Pebbles! Why not just put friggin fruit marshmallows in there with em and call it a day! Honey Nut Cheerios could at least pretend they're healthy in a different way. Frosted Cheerios can kind of mumble something about being healthy undernealth. But Chocolate Cheerios can't claim to be healthy! Chocolate Cheerios is an abomination to the Cheerios family and I for one am calling for an immediate boycott of all Cheerio cereals until this is set right!! And I don't even like Cheerios!

2. I'm officially stumped on socks. I admit I just don't understand what kind or color socks are right anymore. Every day I stare at my sock drawer and feel stumped as to what socks are actually right. Like here are my four pairs of everyday shoes:

Can I wear white socks with any of those? All of those? If so, which white socks are right? The little like ankle 'no show' socks or full blast tube socks? And if white tube socks are wrong-- then which color is right for any of those shoes? Grey cotton socks? Off white? Black socks? Are they supposed to match my pants or something? What about socks with colorful stripes? It's like every time I'm out in public and I cross my leg I feel like girls who know stuff about stuff look at my socks and sock judge me! Is there a right or wrong to this? Ay! What I want is a universal sock! A sock that can go with all these shoes!! Just gimme one go-to! Is that beige? Or is beige too beigey! I shouldn't have this sort of sock dilemma! I should never feel friggin sock shame!!

ok bye!