Battery Soccer Misunderstanding

So last night I was on the 4 train standing up by the doors and listening to music on headphones when I felt something hit my foot. A AA battery rolled diagonally across the car and hit my shoe. I looked down and was like, 'Hmm.. battery...' and then I sort of gave it a tap and to kick it away. And it rolled diagonally across the car and hit this old lady on the foot. I think she saw me kick it and I felt kind of weird that I kicked this battery to roll at this lady just sitting there or whatever..  

When the train pulled into a stop and she gave it a little tap with her foot. And looked at me. It rolled across right back at me and hit my foot. I was thinking like, 'No way! That was excellent! She kicked it back!' When the train started to pull out again I tapped it back at her and looked at her and smiled. And the battery sure enough rolled right back at her. I was amazed it was going so straight! Cool! We were playing rolling battery kick catch!  But this time she put her foot on top of it and stopped it like a soccer ball. I was like, 'Oh.. old lady is getting all fancy now...  ok old lady... let's see what you got!  Bring it on!' I was psyched for her to kick it back.

But she didn't kick it back. She kind of kicked it with the side of her foot and it went under her seat. Game over. I looked at her thinking. Aw... why did she do that? We were having fun. Then it hit me. WE weren't having fun... I, ME, was having fun. WE were not playing. As far as she was concerned I was a dick with headphones kicking a battery at her- not her new soccer friend. It was disappointing because I thought it was such a coolio moment. Like a little like intimate game. Across generations. And all that. But no. It was just me being a jerk kicking a battery at an old lady.... Oh well.

ok bye!


(As an aside I got a little weirded out because when I got off the train there were army guys with machine guns in the subway. I'm seen army guys around before but never with the big machine guns all out like that. I felt better when I saw them there. Then I felt worse about stuff. Then I felt better because I felt more secure or whatever. Then I felt bad about stuff. Then I felt it was cool that they had machine guns. Then I got scared about stuff. Then I thought they must get used to everyone staring at their machine guns. Then I wondered what they were looking for. Then I felt bad about stuff again. Then I got a little scared again. Then I felt better about stuff cause there was security with army guys with machine guns at a random subway stop in brooklyn. Then I felt scared again cause there were guys with machine guns at a random subway stop in brooklyn. Then I went home.)