Triple Trip

So today I headed out of the house to go into town to get my PO Box mail and I picked up a NY Post on the way. When I got to the subway entrance I realized I forgot my wallet. And had no money for the subway. And no metrocard. Duh. I thought about jumping the turnstile but I'm sure I'm the type that would trip and land on my face right at a cop's feet. So I cursed my dumbself. And I trekked back up the hill, up four flights of steps to my apartment. Found my wallet (it took a little time. was on top of the tv) Then headed outside again.

As soon as I started walking I realized I brought the wrong friggin keys. I have two sets of keys but only one set has the PO box key. And I've forgotten the key before and the lady at the post office doesn't like that and isn't supposed to get the mail for me without the key. So I took a deep calming breath and headed back up the four flights into my apartment. Switched up the keys and headed out again.

I'm halfway down the hill when I realize I should have brought my bag. Now it was just plain stupid. I usually bring the bag with me everywhere because I keep a book in it and other stuff or whatever. But because I'm not reading a book right now and had the Post- I just forgot about it. But I put the mail and packages in my bag! if I'm lucky enough to have alot of stuff at the post office.

Realizing I really was going to head back upstairs a third time I was officially pissed. I went up the four flights and found my empty bag which was in the computer room, so I checked email, then headed back outside. Finally prepared for my trip to the post office. When the subway pulled up I finally sat down and relaxed psyched to read my NY Post. I open up my bag already realizing that the Post wasn't in there. It was back in my apartment next to my computer right where I put it when I checked my email. Dags. I had to sit there with nothing to do but think! Uch!

So stupidly unprepared for a simple trip to the post office. Maybe I shouldn't have dropped out of the frickin boy scouts after all. 

ok bye!