Robin C.




I sit here with a Tiger in my stomach

Scratch howl and purr

Listening to the words I squeal

The rational musings of a lunatic

He rumbles around with abandon for my appetite

And my need for sleep

Fear is the Rat that inhabits my brain

Slipping and sliding on my gray matter

Making a mess of my orderly filing system

Not caring at all where I put my keys or my wallet or my personal effects

There he goes again chewing on my brain stem

The Bear in my psyche is roaring with delight

He is finally free to misuse me

And taunt me for my indolence

He dances in jubilation on my shoulders because he has won

And then whispers a threat in my ear in my mouth

Or perhaps it’s only a proposal

The Hedonist is a worm that lives in my mouth, addicted to pleasure

And Selfish indulgence

And flavors of words she’s devoured with a lick of

Wet smacking lips

And an insatiable appetite

These are my tenants. 


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