I love your site, been showing it to a lot of friends, we are love the
whole cupcake sandwich thing, its so good i can't believe i didn't
think of it. But i just wrote this poem, i threw a couple lines for
your site in, hope you like it and use it. Keep up the good work

My Life as of 9 to 5
by Serhot

Bored sitting in my cube
wishing i was at home laying in front of the tube
staring into a blank screen
woops there i go again falling asleep at the scene
why do i even bother
not a single thing on my monitor
This job makes me hate my life
if i only had a knife
oh is that a call
no just the guy next to me over my so called wall
no messages, no emails, not even a file
a cubicle empty of life not even a smile
so i visit everyday
to understand why i live this way
to get my own place
to come home to after getting boobs in my face
to get out of the parents crib
and to take off their stupid baby bib
free is what i'll some day be
just far far away from this cubicle version of me
just don't leave school so quick
you might end up with a boss who is a dick,
even though mine are great
makes this job no harder to hate
and my social skills disappear
only makes my gut reappear.
as the day moves on like a snail
only thing for certain is i'll be stuck bumper to bumper in hell
road rage is what i try to stop
but the jackass next to me makes me want to pop
a button in my uncomfortable dress shirt,
where i can't breath only hurt,
because i know tomorrow morning will be a dread
just wishing i was dead
good thing i'm getting paid
cause its not like this is getting me laid
I'm not this craze or sad
when i get home its really not nearly as bad.
no rent no bills,
more money for cheap thrills
food all cooked and ready to be served,
can only imagine if i'll ever be heard,
holding elf up to make a wish
going to my friends house to get my daily hug and kiss
all help me get by the day
does it matter when it happens again tomorrow anyway
nothing really more to report
this is just a life of intern all in distort


send me your poems. any kind. any style. anything. and let me know how you'd like to be credited. and if someone wants to organize this section please feel free.

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