MONDAY'S POET (If you're a writer send me a short story or something. I'm gonna start putting fiction and stuff up.)


It's a Poem Because Someone Told Me It's a Poem
by Piedmont
I never considered myself
Much of a poet
I could write stuff down
And make people think
But it wasn't poetry
Or so I thought.
One day a friend
Or a friend of a friend
Said he liked my poetry
I didn't know what he meant
I said, "It's not poetry"
To which he said in turn,
"It's poetry if I say it is."
He explained to me
Many poems don't rhyme
Or have a certain meter
They just have short lines.
So I guess I was wrong
And now I am a poet
And all I have to do
Is hit the "enter" key
More often.

send me your haiku, poem, fiction. any kind. any style. anything. and let me know how you'd like to be credited. 

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