Spot 27
We're living life on the edge,
Not knowing what is coming ahead
For hours and hours we spend at a time,
Just to fit in and to get in line
We play the cards that we are dealt,
Our anger makes our insides melt
We were ahead but now are behind,
We were happier in another time
New names now have appeared,
And being forgotten is what we fear
We really did try our best,
To keep up with all the rest
Now all the times have changed,
And we have been exchanged
It's only been one day,
Yet we feel this way
Bad Memory is a game of speed,
And one day Christine/Heather will hold the lead.

Written by Christine Lee and Heather Enyingi  :-)
(Now we're gonna go eat some cook-ays)

send me your haiku, poem, fiction. any kind. any style. anything. and let me know how you'd like to be credited. 

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