Lime Drink
The humidity was like a vacuum that day in Los Angeles-
Nothing could compare to the heat.
It was much too deathly to have on a coat,
It was a bitter, jagged day.
He silently stood there
On the corner; sipping his drink.

It was a frozen, lime drink;
The kind you could find in Los Angeles.
He stayed there
Watching, in the midst of all the heat.
He was wrapped around the day;
Like a too-small-for-your coat.

He wore a black, silk coat.
Observing, drunk on his drink.
The madman stood all day,
Learning of Los Angeles.
Suffocating was the heat,
But all day he stayed there.

He learned there
(The madman with his licorice coat).
The heat did not faze him,
You see, he relied on his chilled drink.
In amazement he "saw" Los Angeles,
His legs stayed perched on the sidewalk all day.

The sun left its mark, piercing the day.
And look over there-
On that street of Los Angeles
He left his mark. The madman in the licorice coat.
Sipping his drink
Through the breathtaking heat.

The dry heat
Silenced the day.
If only everyone had a drink
Like his; full of magic there
To take. They too could wear a coat
In Los Angeles.

Los Angeles was vacuumed with heat
That day. A coat was absurd to wear that bright, lurid day.
There he stood on the corner, sipping his drink.

Kelli Fern


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