The Siren Sea

Mothers, oh mothers, go steel yourselves,

For your sons to the deep sea have gone.

Lured from your bosoms by the tall sailing ships

And a world so exotic and foreign.

By nights so black on the ocean’s white crest

With a stillness and stars that so shine,

The ship’s timbers a’ creaking under deep ocean’s wrath

As she shudders and groans on the brine.

With dolphin fair chasing and fishes that fly,

With sails full and masts there to climb,

With a wonder and a beauty and a danger to fear

There’s a peace and contentment to find.

What lures these, your sons, ‘tis so hard to decipher

But be ‘ware that you’ll see them no more.

For mothers, your sons, they’re lured by the sirens

Of seas open and wild at their door.

They’re forever gone, enchanted by mystery

That’s called men to their fates evermore.

Once livin’ the life of the ocean’s great passage,

The land’s safety gives comfort no more.

They’ll never be happy till Neptune shall find them

And their bones rest on the vast ocean’s floor.

With a wonder and a beauty and a danger to fear

It’s what took your sons so far from shore

--- Uncle Fred the Sailor Man.


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