Time to Spare
by, Bored out of my Gourd

Ah geez, it's only 2 o' clock
3 1/2 more hours to sit at this chair
I guess that I could brush my hair
And perhaps adjust my left sock

Put lip gloss on, get in all the cracks
Not much to do, might as well be thorough
Hey, maybe that food truck guy might sell me a churro
Pencil in churro-time, 2:30--Time for Snacks

Score! A group email arrives about a psycho thief-brute
Well, I do have some time to forward it out
I'm sure that my friends will want to know about
This guy who might slash their ankles and take all their loot

Hmmm, have I checked out what OddTodd has to say?
I've read him alot, should I take a tally?
I've even read about his mean neighbor, the Sally
I guess I'll spend time writing a poem for Monday



send me your poem, fiction. any kind. any style. anything. and let me know how you'd like to be credited. 

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