My brother looks up to this oddtodd fellow
i hear he's a nice guy, unemployed and mellow

thirty-something, with a gut and receding hairline
Mmm ..a fudge striped cookie sounds so divine

one day, i thought maybe I'd donate a buck
but i know he'll find a job, and wish him good luck

if he was standing in front of me right now
I'd say, don't be discouraged!  Milk that money cow!

i feel that i need to make an effort to help
before my brother, Matt, follows his footsteps

He too is unemployed, and always mooching off me
I know it sounds mean, but I don't mean to be!

I respect Oddtodd, and his will to eat pringles
But I hope he runs when that employment bell jingles!

I hope that all of my compliments and butt-kissing
will butter Todd up and he'll  sit up and listen

My writing talents aren't the best, even he knows it
but I think this poetry qualifies me, to be Monday's Poet.

By, Aimee Linder
Dedicated to Matt Linder


send me your poem, fiction. any kind. any style. anything. and let me know how you'd like to be credited. 

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