Battle Duet

Written for my best friend

By Chelsea Clark


I'm cold and frightened

My eyes open wide,

No one to turn to,

Nowhere to hide


Enemies closing in,

Victory is out of sight.

The battle's getting harder

As I struggle and fight.


My fatigue is showing

My strength, it fades,

But out of the darkness

A warrior wades.


He's tall and dark,

Black cloak in the breeze.

He strikes down my foes

With grace and ease.


A helmet hides his eyes

His stance, strong and true.

Who is this black knight?

I never sent for you.


He parries and trusts

With a great battle sword.

Foes die on the ground

Others flee with the hoard.


The battle is over

He won the day!

He offers his hand

And leads me away.


My gashes are bleeding,

My clothes tinted red,

New scars form,

I'm almost dead.


I stare into the eye slits

In his helmet so dark.

I see a glimmer there,

I tiny red spark.


He's seen many battles,

He's fought many wars.

How long he can last?

My guess is as good as yours.


He tends to my wounds

Without a word.

Hes gone in the morning

Like wind with a bird.


Some weeks later,

When I'm still pondering why,

I hear the sounds of battle

From a valley - A battle cry.


It's the black knight,

His battle is great.

I run to the valley

To change his fate.


Hes fallen on the ground

A crowd closing in,

I draw out my blade

And jump in the din.


I parry and thrust

With my great battle sword,

Foes die on the ground

Or flee with the hoard.


His body half limp

I offer my hand.

I lead him away

From the baron wasteland.


His gashes are bleeding,

His armor tinted red,

Scars are forming,

He's almost dead.


I feel from the eye slits

Of his helmet, well worn,

His piercing red stare -

Hes confused and torn


I look back at him,

He stares at me.

My eyes are gentile,

Kind as can be


He takes off his helmet

And we meet face to face.

His features are gentile

With masculine grace


I tend to his wounds

Without a word,

But I do not leave him

Like wind with a bird.


Loneliness is mortal,

It can be ended.

No more solo battles

Our pride will be mended.


We tried it alone

And lost many a fight,

But together we're strong,

Our fates changed that night.


Now back to back

Well win the day.

Best friends forever

Best friends we'll stay!


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