Every day the same old thing.
To my bed sheets I will cling.
Don't want to get up to go to that place.
Exhaustion showing on my face.

I finally manage to drag myself out of bed.
In my heart I'm filled with dread.
The place I talk of is known as school.
In my opinion that place is cruel.

Even if you try as hard as you can.
And you setup a study plan.
You still might fail, and your future is screwed.
And that is all that I can conclude.

Every waking day of your life.
Piercing your freedom like a sharp knife.
Finally you're allowed to go free.
But I'm sure that you will soon agree.

It still affects you, that teachers a jerk.
Because she assigns you 2 hours of homework.
But that's not the end, of that I am sure.
Tomorrow starts over your endless torture.

Jeff Watzman and Mike Corrigan


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