Work is real boring
it gets me to snoring
I wish that I could soon go.

But hours on end
here I must spend
if I left, someone might know.

Long hours can drag
but if I might brag
I handle them, well as can be.

Stuck alone with your brain
might drive one insane
Do you think it could happen to me?

Now I'm not complainin'
and I am sustainin'
'cause I happen to have a clue.

Keeping my head
is important instead
of letting my mind come unglued.

Now I've got a plan
and keep it I can
it relies on the making of money.

The cash that I keep
will buy me a Jeep
to have by the time it gets sunny.

Then with the top down
I'll drive into town
where I'll fill the tank with some gas.

Then its off to the beach
and girls within reach
where I'll pick up some fine looking ... beach towels, sun tan lotion
and a

2 Brain Cell Productions


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