"The Day" by Alex Silverstein

I look at you, across the way
And realize then, I'm living for the day
Living for the day that may never come
I wish I knew where these false hopes were coming from
Could it be that you're leading me on?
Is this why I feel like just another pawn?

I see you with him, so crazy with bliss
And realize then, I'm living for the kiss
Living for the kiss that may be just a dream
And my feelings inside make things other than they seem
Could it be that I dreamed it before?
Is that why this hole makes my heart so sore?

I think to myself, "She'd fit like a glove"
And realize then, I'm living for the love
Living for the love that may be just a hope
Is that what's making it harder and harder to cope?
Could it be that I thought it was there?
Is that why this is becoming so hard to bear?

I'm sitting here waiting for all of these things
And hoping, just maybe, the future will bring
Will bring this and more, everything I desire
You see, I do have everything I require
But I lack one thing to be completely whole
One more thing to sew up my soul

That one thing is you as we all know
And everything you bring, from your joy to your woe
I know this is far too tall an order to fill
But that very fact is really what kills
I would give all it takes, my heart, or my life
If we could forget about our little strife

I love you, after all, through the bad times and good
And I regret one more thing, one last fear if you would
I am sad to realize that you never will know
How much I truly love you, this I can't show
For love works two ways, and from this comes my loss
I naively hoped for a time that I would be
The one who completed this loop, this dependency
I see now, however, that this will never be true
And because of this, you will never see, how much I truly love you


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