Another Sleepless Nights Creation
By Stacey Kamen


So I've been laid off now
Gone well over a year
All the freakin out and tweakin out
Ain't done got me nowhere

Methinks it's time to step back
And turn this all around
Take a look at the all the plusses
To laid off living, that I've found

I can stay up all night
And sleep till 1 or 2
Have breakfast around 3pm
Well.. ok I can't afford food...

But I can wear my PJ's
Every single day
Save a fortune on laundry detergent
And with shampoo, it's the same way

Ain't got me no boss
No one to tell me what to do
I can smoke right at my desk
And crank my mp3s too!

Don't need no phony smile
No makeup or nylons either!
Don't gotta sit thru meetings
Shake hands or fake "nice to meetcha!"

Sometimes it does get lonely
But all I have to do
Is hop on the computer
And chat online all day with who...

My car needs gas bi-monthly
That's money saving, woohooo!
I put 3000 miles on my car this year
The leasing company will love this too!

Scraping ice off my car at dawn
Is a thing of the past
When I see things from this point of view
I wonder how I can make this last!

So remember if yer unemployed
And you're tired of the fight
You can go get drunk on a Tuesday
And it's totally all right.


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