Hi tOdd - how's Tuesday treatin' ya?

Life's pretty good over here in Sunny SoCal.  I went to the beach last night and everything about the weather was perfect.  Next time you visit LA, make sure you set aside one night for a nighttime beach trip.  There's something very magnetic about it.

Anyway, my jobby-job is sucking bad these days, as jobs are wont to do.  So I wrote you a poem in honor of a boring day. :) You can use it if you need a Monday's poet thing, or you can just read it yerself and hopefully have a small laugh. 

Here it is:

There are ants in my apartment
and my job it really sucks.
I suppose it could be worse --
I could be driving trucks.
Though if I was a truck driver
at least I'd get fast food.
I wouldn't worry 'bout the ants
or if my language's crude.
I'd sit all day behind the wheel,
and eat my heart's content
never once would guilt affect me
and I'd stop paying rent.
I'd live in my truck and I'd sleep on the road --
yes, that cab would be my home
always traveling with me
no matter where I roamed
The gym would be a memory
filed away and gath'ring dust
my rolls of fat would be a comfort --
a dear friend that I could trust.

And one day when I was getting old
I'd finally pass away.
All my friends would kindly gather round
and here's probly what they'd say:
She used to be a smart girl
who exercised a lot
but then she got a little weird
and let her body rot.

We don't know why she left her life
to embrace the trucking way
but curses on the man or beast
who let her go astray!
At least her days were happy
when she reved that engine up
She'd wave and smile and drive away
with a Super Big Gulp cup.
 The moral of this story
comes straight from me to you:
driving trucks'll kill ya --
it's never been more true.
But if you stress about the ants
or hate your job, like me
Embrace the drive within you
to go be wild and free.

That's it.  Writing it entertained me for a while anyway. :) 

Hey, I also have a Wednesday's screwup to send you (about the time my roommate accidentally shaved off his eyebrows!) but I haven't written it all out yet.  

I'll get to that sooner or later. 

Lastly, your nephews sound adorable.  I always enjoy reading about them -- I have six myself and they definitely a highlight in my life.  :) 

May your day be joyful!



send me your poem, fiction. any kind. any style. anything. 

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