Electric Vacation

Why is my cordless phone growling at me
Nothing wrong with it as far as i can see
Oh wait, why isn't my vcr blinking 12:00
Oh shit, i think the power's out
My mind racing, i start thinking
Do i have supplies to keep me going
I cracked open a cold beer
An rethought my initial fear
Shrugging off the terror angle
I kicked back and started reading
And occasionally found myself thinking
Wow, it's really hot
And catching myself reaching
To turn on the fan
Silly stupid me for falling
For my habits
Instead of being smart and realizing
Duh, there's no power
After a while it got too dark to read
And i looked out on the street below me
And saw the almost unimaginable
Of the calm excitement of a city
In the middle of an electric vacation
And for a night we were all free
From our computers and our TVs
Enjoying each other's company
The silence was wonderfully overwhelming
As it was happily lulling me to sleep...

I awoke to a start
With the sun in my face
And all over my place
Were the hungry appliances
And other electrical things
Just waking up from their
Unaccustomed sleep
Yelling at me
Vying for my attention
Wanting me to reset them
Swimming in a storm of hassle
I think back how nice and simple
My electric vacation was
And how i wish i could go back
Just for one more day

eric nixon


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