Upwards, Downwards.
By Coot
(it's a nickname, thank you very much.)

I get to walk to work each day.
Look at the trees,
watch cats as they lounge on front porches.
enjoy the smell of the lilacs,
(or whatever those purple flowers are).
Walk through mists from sprinklers on Wednesdays,
(the even numbered watering day.)
Upwards, downwards, and crossways.
It's the quickest quarter hour of the day.

I have to walk to work each day.
It's always too hot in the summer,
these sidewalks are all busted up from tree roots.
Tuesday, (trash day) makes the whole neighborhood
smell like fermenting lawn clippings and dirty diapers.
Will these shoes never break in?
Stupid D.U.I.
Upwards, downwards, and crossways.
I'm gonna need to cut back on the V.O. after work.


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