Rabbit and Eye

Seven hundred thousand seconds
Swimming with the Eyes
While Rabbit floats unattended in the deep end
Watching the games they play

Eye and Eye can walk it off
With the thought of nothing
And a knowledge of their trove
But they know nothing of the play

Rabbit wonders to himself
What would happen if he sank
Who would win this tedious game
Or would it all end in a tie

Other rabbits start shouting answers
They all know what to do
But they bestow a single fallacy
They know no difference
Between Eye or Eye.

Between two Eyes his carrot floats
Rabbit fancies for a wind
For a test
A truth
For the ending of the game

Rabbit becomes hungry
As the day fades by
Fading two Eyes into one
And one carrot into two

Two carrots floating in a public pool
Two conjoined eyes watching it bob
They just love the color

~ David Robbins

Copyright 2003


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