Empty Cone

The yell that interrupted my routine
Hearing some teenies yell all crazy-like
Not the emergency type of ear-splitting
But huge excitement in some dull chicks' lives
I got an ice cream cone and then
Nonchalantly investigated the scene
Wondering silently to myself
Who it be that makes the squealers squeal
It was a movie being filmed
So I took a look to see the squalee
Just another famous Gen X'er
Of whom I've grown tired
The flavor of the moment
Overpaid and overplayed
But for now he's good at
Making the Gen Y's scream
I continue eating my ice cream
Yeah the guy's kinda funny but
I shrugged it as sorta whatevery
And followed the unimpressed
Back to the subway
Tossed the flavorless empty cone
And resumed my day

-eric nixon


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