Super Todd


Attack of the Clockwork Mep

Author: Colin John Francis Hirlehey (site here)


          Todd was a young boy at the age of 3 in 1983. His mom had just bought him some Fudge-Striped cookies (or cook-ays), as he liked to call them. Todd was eating his cookies in his chair when he slipped back, as well as slipped into a coma. When Todd woke up he was in a big bed in the hospital. He was 15 years old. The people in the hospital had to teach him English but he was ok after a while. His parents eventually told him what happened. Clockwork Mep poisoned Todd’s cookies!

          So the day that Todd was moving out of his parent’s house, he was carrying a T.V. with his dad, and the way that the moving truck was parked they had to go around it to put stuff in it. So as soon as they got in front of the truck, the emergency brake failed and the truck was coming right down the driveway in front of them, Todd immediately dropped his end of the T.V. caught it with his foot, then he caught the truck with his hands. He let the truck down the driveway with ease. He brought it out into the middle of the road. Then two cars started coming right for the truck, so Todd picked up both the cars and put them on the side that they were going to go to before the truck came down the Driveway.  

          That night Todd watched the News in his new house with Elf-up. He was on the News. It said local twenty-year-old saves his fathers life, then saves two other men’s lives. That was enough thanks for Todd, he hadn’t been on the News since … since … since ever! Todd went to bed and after a while, he went to sleep.

          Todd woke up to a crash that night. He went into his living room to see Clockwork Mep stealing Elf-ups money he had about forty dollars in his hand. As soon as C.M. (Clockwork Mep) saw Todd he ran through the living room and out the window. Todd chased him, just then Elf-up walked into the room. Todd explained the situation to him. Then Elf-Up cried, “that’s the only money I had”, cried Elf-up. Then Todd pulled his arm up, from out of the window. He had C.M. in his hand; Todd took the $40.00 and gave him back a $10.00 bill. “Take that to get some nice! Clothes”, yelled Todd. C.M. ran out of the apartment and down the stairs. “And don’t come back!” screamed Todd behind him.

The next night Todd was walking through the park when he saw C.M. with some nice clothes.  ”How did you get those?” Todd asked. “Through the power of No Nothing Productions Investments” cried C.M. C.M. whipped out a cane and said “now you die, which is something that should have happened to you as a baby”. C.M. smacked Todd in the face with the cane. Todd took the cane broke it in half then Field goaled C.M. in the face, right into the neighbour’s window. “Hey…don’t throw garbage,” yelled the neighbour.

          Elf-up and Todd’s Parents threw a big party for Todd. After all he did defeat his mortal enemy! At the part C.M. showed up with a big boot mark on his face. He said sorry to Todd. Todd never excepted the Apology I mean who would? C.M. stole 12 years of Todd’s life. The reason C.M. poisoned Todd remains a mystery, but Todd had gained amazing strength, agility, posture, and balance from surviving the poison.


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