Happily Ignoring

Looking around the room
Small piles of things
Wanting my attention
Books behind me
That want to be read
Bills beside me
That should be sorted
Cds on the floor
That need to be burned
And some of them returned
To the friends that loaned
Them to me months ago
Pictures that ought to be scanned
And emailed to the ones in them
In the room down the hall
A guitar crying to be learned
Sketch book in the bookcase
Mostly blank and empty inside
In my bedroom a pile of clothes
Needs to folded and put away
Another pile unhappy and wrinkled
Waiting impatiently to be ironed
I have a day off and I can get it all done
But I don't and I'm sure I won't
Instead I sit here where I usually am
In my worn red office chair
In front of the computer
Happily ignoring the cries and pleas
Of the chores that surround me

-eric nixon


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