Paintball Casino

On my favorite website
Reading about how he thinks
Target is chick magnetically amazing
Which got me thinking that there's
Something so culturally appealing
Maybe it's all in the marketing
Making all of our women wanting
To deposit their paychecks there
Something that makes me scared
Beyond any kinda belief in a way
How they want to go every day
Drawn like a compass needle
To the magnetic north pole
Sorta like guys would be
To some paintball casino
Too bad women get to live
Their dreams every day
While men have to patiently
Wait and stew for someone to
Invent or come up with a daily
Way for guys to do all the cool
Things we love under one roof
A celebration of those with ADD
All of everything at the same time
And then some
Until then we have to go with
Chicks to places like Target

eric nixon


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