here's a poem for ya;
In the past few weeks, i have had little luck
Bad stuff happened to me, i've been a sitting duck.
That will all end on the 25th
when I look under the tree and find many a gift.
It should make me forget all the bad things.
When a dude spit in my face, and my principal being a w@ng.
I havent had a pre-Christmas like this ever
Never have I had such a painful endeavor.
But I havent given up, I havent lost hope
Even though it has been a true misanthrope.
From misery to happiness is my Christmas goal
From now to the new year, I should start off new, and be on a roll
My new years resolution will be this;
Do better with my temper, and make the new year a bliss
Make Dragonmaster's life a living hell
To do the site a favor and make it swell
I will have a great holiday
You all do the same, the new year is on the way!
Chelsea, call me.


All Birds

"All birds are edible"
Said the survival guide.*
I don't think that's incredible--
It could be why they fly.
King Paul the Critical


There once was a horse named Ed,
Who talked off his head.
His conversations were crummy,
But he was no dummy,
So, he talked off his shoe instead.


A Season in Yellow

Almost dreamed out of wantóbut the subject became the furthering-joint.  Elusive wordness, , , ,?  Being secretly in _______ of something else.

                                                                    It is that pillar of self I cannot approach.

The affliction leveled at the body entire.  That blow with morning-cobalt force of overwhelm.

In coding the broken |

How the stare of desire makes lying places.

-Gregory Sargent


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