by Sunny Dawn


A Dream I Had


I was sitting in a theater watching people, one by one

Take their turn at a piano. They were down to the last one

When Frank Zappa called my name, he said, “Sunny, take the stage.

Go play that piano! Show me beauty, passion, rage!”


So I left my seat, and I started down the aisle

Breaking sweat, cracking knuckles, humming tunes all the while

Thinking, “If I place my fingers upon those piano keys

Perhaps a tune will come to me. I should just try and sees!”


So I scooted out the bench and I sat myself right down;

One foot on the pedal and the other on the ground

And as I lifted up my hands to tickle those ivories

I knew no song would come to me. I crawled off on my knees.


And as I slunk into the wings I found my mother’s home;

A former boyfriend on the couch, my sister on the phone

And as that boy approached I felt myself begin to sway,

“I was at that auditorium! Why didn’t you just play

The way I know you can? I don’t know why you wouldn’t”

“I don’t know how to play!” I screamed “That is why. I couldn’t!”


But my voice came out a whisper. He didn’t hear a word.

My mom was making gravy so I grabbed a spoon and stirred.



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