The Adjustment Bureau
*guest review by Mike Anthony
The new Matt Damon film "The Adjustment Bureau" is a good movie; and worth seeing.  It's based on a short story by the late Philip K Dick, (actually called "The Adjustment Team", not "Bureau") who was a prolific science fiction writer. His works have been made into several films; including: the classic 'Bladerunner', as well as: 'A Scanner Darkly', 'Screamers', 'Imposter', 'Paycheck', 'Minority Report', and 'Total Recall'.
As a fan of his works, it's tough not to compare the film with the original short story from the 1950's.  I'll try to include how it relates to the short story WITHOUT any spoilers for those who are seeing the film with no previous knowledge of the tale.  Contrasted with the original written story; this film is best described as "loosely" based on earlier edition.  It has less of the sense of fun, light humor, and quick simplicity than the short story.  It also adds layers to create a love story; as well as some major differences from the central charcater's career path, his family history, and so-on.
As a stand-alone movie 'The Adjustment Team" is a good solid film; not great but quite good.  The marketing makes it clear it's is about a man who discovers that someone is "planning" our lives, we're not supposed to know it, and he's not supposed to be with the woman he meets and falls for.  That's clear in the commercials.  What I can add is that the story is good; a full hour had passed before I even thought to glance at my watch.  Also; the career-angle of the central character's story (he's a politician) is interesting and raises the stakes of how the conflict plays out.  Damon  is very believable, in my opinion.  Emily blunt is good in the female lead. The "men in hats" you see in the commercials deliver an acceptable amount of threat and keep us guessing until we're not supposed to guess anymore. The movie chooses to avoid the big "twist ending" they could've went for and instead choose to let us in on much of what is "behind the curtain", but then take us in another direction: not wondering what's going on--but rather wondering what Damon's charcter will (try to) choose to do.
Worth seeing as long as you don't mind a story that requires thinking, and patience. If you're a fan of the late writer, or 50's science fiction and it's 'altered' reality running-theme, it's a must-see.  Beware it will probably be compared to both "Dark City" and "City of Angels", two hits from the late 90's.  It deserves to stand on its' own.
3.5 cookies for most of us, 4 for science-fiction purists or fans of Philip K Dick.
3 good thing about this movie:
* Matt Damon does a good job playing a believable character
* Emily Blunt's character is slowly revealed to us; in a good way
* The central theme (which is: is our reality really ours) is well handled
3 bad things about this movie:
* Got a little long for some people in the audience (although the first hour kept me glued)....probably could've wrapped up 15 or 20 minutes earlier
* The hats!
* Wish it was more like the short story; but that's a personal view...depends on whether you are familiar with the original