The American

Last Friday, my friend and I decided to hang out and watch a movie. So much crap out so we decided to pick the lesser of the evils. At least that's what we thought.  The American was slow, boring, bad, (did I mention boring?)  The action scenes in the previews were basically the only action scenes.  It looked like they only showed half of the movie or something.  People were making comments during the movie, going to get snacks, smoke, ect. 
I kept making jokes about who he was going to shoot; A dog, the prostitute, the waitress?
Later that day, I saw commercials that said this is Clooney at his best.  Please! He was better on The Facts of Life.
Skip this movie unless you want to see full frontal prostitute bush. Seriously, there is a pointless sex scene in here that made everyone uncomfortable.
I give this movie one cookie because I had a delicious green apple icee from the concession stand.
Three good things about this movie:
1. Watching George make weapons
2. The sweater dress one of the ladies was wearing. That was really pretty.
3. The monster size green apple icee. Seriously. It really tasted like green apples and not like old marijuana air like most green apple stuff does.
Three bad things about this movie: Only three? I could go on and on.
1. The "sex" scene.  I really didn't need to see that.
2. The leather faced boss. Hello? Ever heard of sunscreen or moisturizer?
3. No plot.