(guest review from Kira!)
Well, this is the first film I've seen in a bloody LONG time that actually rocked. Everytime I've gone into the theater lately I've been sorely disappointed when I came out. But not this time.

I went in completely cold. I'd seen a poster of a blue girl's face and read a post today about how amazing the jungle was, but that's it - I knew nothing else. Right off the bat I was floored by the art design and the sheer magnitude of space that was being portrayed. I immediately thought "this looks like a great Halo film" (BTW is anyone working on that?). Yada yada, army, government, humans taking over a planet. We've all heard that before.

But then the film really began. Once they are in the jungle, you can't do anything but sit with your mouth wide open and drool dripping on the floor. Granted I think some guys might find the colors too girly, but being a girl myself everything appealed to all of my senses. It was like a scanner was reading my brain and displaying exactly what would create the greatest serotonin output. Everything was stunning. Everything. The layouts, the characters, the massive fight scenes. It kept my interest for the full 2.5 hours and not once did I look at my watch and wish it was almost over. I didn't see it in 3D but will next week, and bet it will be even sweeter.

3 Good Things
- STUNNING VISUALS. Oscar is in the bag.
- Had all the elements I desire for true entertainment, and never faltered for a moment.
- They created a language for the movie! A believable one that sounds sexy! Yeah!
+Bonus: Sigourney Weaver (who is SIXTY?!)

3 Bad Things
- Somewhat predictable storyline, but who cares
- Some of the "evil human" actors annoyed me some, didn't totally believe them.
- That's all I got.

Go see it. Now.




















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