Date Night
I decided to go to the drive in on Saturday night.  I live less than two minutes away which is awesome.  Date Night was playing along with a movie called Our Family Wedding (it was good).  I arrived a little early. Families were out with the kids. Hatchbacks open, tables and chairs, the weather was perfect.  I love Steve and Tina.  They are both funny so I expected the movie to be funny. 
So here's the premise. Steve and Tina have started to take each other for granted.  They are becoming more like roommates instead of lovers.  They go out very often for "date night", but it's kind of routine and boring.  They decide to go to a fancy eatery without a reservation. They take someone else's reservation and "hilarity and mayhem" is supposed to ensue.
Well, it kind of doesn't.  There is no on screen chemistry between these two.  I had to force myself to laugh.  There were a FEW funny parts, but I can't remember what they were so I guess they weren't that funny.
Corruption with some members of the police department, mobsters and local politicians. Basically it's Adventures in Babysitting, but with adults on a date.  Instead of looking for a magazine like in Adventures in Babysitting, the crooks are looking for a flash drive with some sex pictures on it.  How many times can you say the words penis and vagina and expect people to laugh?   Come on guys! You two are supposed to be funny.  Vomit isn't funny. Vomiting several times in one scene is really not funny.  I had to turn the sound off in the car to keep from vomiting myself.  Fake pole dancing was kind of funny.
The second feature, Our Family Wedding was much better than this piece of junk, but no one has heard of it so I won't bother with the review.
Three good things about this movie:
1. The boat scene was funny
2. Common (oh sweet Helen of Troy that man is freakin' fine).
3. Marky Mark.  See comment on number 2.
Three bad things about this movie:
1. Steve sucked and wasn't really funny.
2. Tina sucked and wasn't really funny.
3. This movie sucked and wasn't really funny.
I will give this movie 1 cookie for the deliciousness of Common and Mark.