Good Hair (by Nicol)
This movie is about the plight of black women and their hair.  It's mostly about the money we will spend and the lengths we will go to get it to look like anything but the actual hair that grows out of our head.
We are the only race of people that have this kinky, tightly coiled, usually coarse hair.  So a lot of us want to look like everyone else around us. When straight and long  is pretty much the main definition of beautiful hair that most women see everyday, then that is what you want.  It usually starts at a young age. 
Chemical relaxers made with ingredients that can dissolve a coke can. Hot combs, wigs, weaves.
It sounds crazy right? 
You know what, it's really hard to explain.  Wait for it to come to a dollar theatre near you and watch it.  Or at least just pay the matinee price.  If you are a black woman, you will see yourself in this movie.
If you are not, watch it anyway.  You may come away with a better understanding of black women and their hair.
Three good things about this movie.
*Al Sharpton.
*Chris Rock riding on a "flatbed" being pulled by an ox (I think).  The camera stays on him about 5 seconds too long.  It was hilarious.
*Listening to women talk about not getting their weave wet and trying to have sex without messing up their hair.
Three bad things about this movie.
*It was poorly put together.
*Where was his wife? She wears fake hair too.
*Hearing black women use the "N" word.
*The Bronner Brothers Hair Show parts were unnecessary.  Okay that's four things.  But this was the worst part and the longest part of the movie. I think it was basically put in as a filler.