(guest review from Nicol!)


The Hangover

Hi Todd,
I saw The Hangover this weekend.
Okay, here goes…..
I thought this movie was going to be very funny.  It turned out not to be.  It was basically just excessive language jokes.  A twelve year old boy could have written it.  If this movie wins an Oscar for best comedy, there is probably going to be some scandal about how it really was written by a twelve year old boy. Watch for the headlines.
There were a few funny parts though.  I think the guy with the beard was the funniest guy. His rooftop speech was pretty funny. The whole movie was supposed to be them trying to retrace their steps and find their friend, the groom.  This movie tried really hard to be funny, but I think it failed.  The crying baby was funny.  I am laughing right now thinking about it.  There was an obvious editing mistake when they first get to the hotel. They get out of the car and start to walk their luggage inside, but they head straight for the stairs.  Hello, is anyone to drag luggage with wheels up the stairs? Where was the ramp? They cut very quickly to them being inside.
Sucked. Would not watch again or recommend to anyone.
Three good things….oh brother, let me think.
1. The crying baby
2. Fat "Jesus" (I'm sorry, but that line was funny)
3. The fake tiger waking up in the car
Three bad things
1. Mike Tyson wasn't really funny.
2. The tiger in their room wasn't funny. I think he forgot his lines or something because he choked. He needs a new trainer or a better agent.
3. I kept thinking about the character from Gigli whenever I saw the groom.
4. The missing tooth wasn't funny
5. Vomit
6. Simulated anal sex with a tiger.  Really? No offense, but why do guys have to try to nail EVERYTHING?!
7. The stupid Vegas wedding
8. Heather Graham's boob. She really sucks (pun intended)
9. The wife wasn't funny
10. The tazer scene
11. Need I go on
Maybe I didn't like because I'm a chick, but I just didn't get it.  I didn’t think it was funny.

I forgot to put how many cookies I would give this.  I would give it one cookie, and feed it to the tiger.