(guest review from Mike A)

Ahhhh...what dreams may come....
This movie has had an interesting shelf-life already and it's only July 16th.  That's right; the movie was only released as of today and yet I find the promotion campaign and how it was all rolled out to be really thoughtful.  I recall the earliest previews of this at the theatres.  they were very mysterious; cities changed shape; people said strange & spooky things etc etc.  Then; the next time I saw a preview; they released a little more info about INCEPTION--it was clear that it was about dreams and alternate realities; being able to walk on ceilings etc.  And; finally the last preview I saw (and all the TV commercials) started to spell out the simple premise rather clearly.  So we all know (no spoiler here) the film is about somehow entering dreams and making things happen that effect our "real" world.  I thought it was pretty cool how those stages of more and more detailed ads were released; definitely caught my interest; and had me pumped to see it.
Now to the movie itself....
I will be very careful because what's been given away to us through the ads is okay to know; but if I get too specific in reviewing this I risk giving away the carefully crafted and complex thread of storyline.  And I don't want to do that to anybody. 
The movie is everything you may have hoped "Shutter Island" might have been.  That is, if you found "Shutter Island" to be a messy mind game that Leonardo DiCaprio had to muddle through.  Here; despite complex and mysterious layers upon layers of mind-games; there is a much sharper & cleaner experience for you to enjoy.  Funny how Leo did a couple Big movies back to back that are different and yet similar ion that they explore the magic our minds can create.
And this is quite the successful creation.  Here's how good this movie was for me....I had checked on-line before going and knew it was almost two-and-a-half hours.  So we're watching, and I'm loving it; and I happen to glance at my watch; just barely visible in the theatre.  I was a little surprised to see one hour had passed; I thought we were maybe 40 or 50 minutes in.  But then, a couple minutes later it seemed to me that the plot was reaching the final stages; which surprised me.  So I glanced back at my watch.  Turns out I hadn't been able to see clearly in the dimly lit space.  In fact just about TWO HOURS had passed; and I was so lost in the tale that I could easily have believed we had been sitting there for less than an hour!!   Think about that...a stellar "time-test".  The "time test" is my little name for that thing we do.  You know; where you glance at your watch; and the better the quality of the movie, the more time will have passed before you do that first time check.  I've seen so many so-so movies that sometimes I'm checking less than a 30 minutes in.
I should probably put this out there, too.  As a general rule; unless I'm ready for an epic; I actually try to avoid movies longer than 90 minutes.  Sometimes those "88 minute" films are just the right length for me.  And yet here I was not even thinking about real-time until two hours into a movie!  That's one damn fine movie!!  We know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; so I don't know if you'll like INCEPTION; but I am definitely recommending this to everyone. 
If you like a some mind-games, if you like a little imagination; if you like a little action, if you like to think AFTER you leave the theatre, then this is the one for you.  Although quite different; I would have to make a "Matrix" reference: this movie is cool and fun like the first Matrix was (before the other two stretched the story rather thin & took themselves too seriously).  What it shares with that earlier hit is the thrill of a good movie and a real good plot that allows us to enjoy adventures in a different reality.  in this new movie; our dreams are the next frontier.
3 Good Things about INCEPTION
* It kept my attention
* No need (and I pray no plans) for a sequel.  this is just a perfect package as is
* I like the ending a lot; and I like the JUNO girl in it (Ellen Page) she just seems so real on screen to me
3 Bad things about the movie (and I'm struggling here because i don't know if any jump out at me)
* some people may find that even with full attention; it's tough to get your head around the complex layers.  It may require a second viewing ASAP.
* Tom Berenger is gettin' old and that made me kind of sad
* I think the Title could be better--you'll learn about what INCEPTION means in this movie; I just don't know if it's the best name for it.


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