(**Guest review from Nicol C!)

Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert

Hi Todd,

I took my 8 year old niece to see the Jonas Brothers Movie on Friday.
$15.00 a ticket. Here is my review of this movie.

First let me say that I am almost 37 years old so my opinion may be a
little different than a fan of the Jo Bros. I did however like the
Hannah Montana 3-D movie a lot more than this one.

We ate before we got there, so no snacks at the concession stand. Hey, I
paid $30 for two people to see a movie, they weren't getting any more
money from me that night.
The 3-D movie previews were great. The movie itself well??????..

It's starts off with some morbidly obese guy waking the bros up in their
hotel rooms. They make lame small talk at the breakfast table and head
out the door. Their voices are so low, I can't understand what they are
saying. They do a fake ride down the street where fake girls fakely
begin to chase their limo. The bros get out because they are trying to
run to catch a helicopter to the performance. The girls then chase them
again, all the way to the helicopter which is now being flown by the
obese guy.

They put on the concert with some really bad singing (especially the
baby one, how does anyone know what he is saying?). Their stage
presence is awful. They have no rhythm and no dance moves. They do this
one thing where they flip each other over using the "stand on my hand
and I will throw you" technique. It's all very uncomfortable to watch.
Their were some hooligan girls (maybe 9 years old) behind us who kept
kicking the back of the seats. At one point I grabbed someone's foot.

Taylor Swiftly came out to do some bad singing. She sounds horrible
live. What is with her and the sparkly dresses with cowboy boots? No
wonder she keeps getting dumped by guys. The bros sang along with her
which made it even worse. Some other girl, Demi More Lavato came out
and all the girls in the movie audience went crazy. I have never heard
of her. Her singing was not too bad, but when the bros joined her, it
was horrible.

These guys are really something awful. At least the Beatles could sing.

Most of the 3-D effects were good and my niece said when she meets Nick,
she is going to ask if she can touch his hair.

Three good things about this movie:

1. The 3-D previews
2. Surprising my niece
3. Getting to scream out loud in a theatre because everyone else was

Three bad things about this movie:

1. Jo
2. Nick
3. Kevin

P.S. Here is a picture of my niece at the Taste of Atlanta last
year. It looks like a horse peed right in front of her. I don't
remember which eatery these two guys were from.