Just Wright

So I decided to see this movie called Just Wright.  I hit the drive in again, because it’s only 7 dollars.  It stars Q. Latifah, Common, and the wife of Robin Thicke, P. Patton.  You know how the movie is going to end, but getting there is supposed to be fun “Wright”?
Wrong. Common was very awkward as the leading man.  The times he was kissing the Queen and kissing the Patton were so uncomfortable to watch.  Hello you are freakin’ Common for crying out loud!  Let’s see some sexiness, not corniness.  Yeah I know it’s PG. I wasn’t expecting tongue kissing, but he just looked uncomfortable. Even his smiles looked so fake.  He also looked much smaller on screen than he does in commercials and magazines. 
The story was predictable.  The good hearted guy should see past the phony girl and see who the “wright” girl was all along.  The story Patton tells him about why she did what she did to him was fake and forced. Freakin’ corny man. Also there was a line about him not liking weaves, but hello? the Queen wore one for basically the whole movie!
Three good things about this movie:
  1. Only paying seven bucks to see it.
  2. The piano playing
  3. No bad words (except for “ho-dar”)
Three bad things about this movie:
  1. No sex appeal from Common. I don’t care if it was PG, at least look sexy.  What happened between Date Night and Just Wright?
  2. Patton (okay, not her actually, but her character)
  3. The bedroom scene where the Queen dances in the bed.CORNYVILLE!!
Okay, it didn’t totally suck, but I should have waited until it came on video to see it.
I would give it two cookies because they made a movie without language in it, proving that it can be done.