So anyway, the other night I met up with the a friend of mine to see this movie like 11:15PM. Neither of us were particularly psyched about it. It was raining out. The Kick-Ass buzz wasn't grabbing us. So it took a respectable effort of back and forthed motivation to get out of our apartments. If either of us buckled there would be no recovery. I would like to be commended on the motivation. Thank you. My drink selection for the evening was Mike's Hard Lemonade and I paired that with a bag of thin sesame sticks. I forgot to bring a knapsack to hide my snack booty so I used my closed umbrella for storage which seemed extra sneaky. I took pride in my resourcefulness.

We get to the theater and it's not nearly as crowded as I expected. I figured it would be filled up with geeky nerds and creepazoids-- but the crowd was just random and typical. The theater was maybe half-filled and unbuzzy. After being pummeled with what seemed like a dozen lame previews-- this movie starts up and my excitement level rises from a 4 to a 4.2. Out of ten. I was a little surprised I wasn't all psyched up for this flick. It seems right for me--- but I had a feeling it would fall into the same category as Zombieland-- a movie that should have been dead center in my chest but only bounced off my shoulder and clattered to the floor in a non-memorable disappointment. I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt tho...

I had an issue right off the bat because I just didn't like Kick-Ass as a character or person. I wasn't even sure if I was supposed to like him. He was just this sort of douchey whiner who may as well been annoyingly sipping out of a juice box and sniffling with allergies.I understand that he's like a 'fake superhero' -- but is that really that novel of an idea? I heard murmurs about how this flick 'reinvents the genre'. It does? This played more like an over used gimmick saved only by the real star of this movie-- 'Hit Girl'. Hit Girl rocked-- ish. Kick-Ass was basically her Robin. And there are scenes where her fight and ballsiness are way fun to watch. I dug her to an extent. But seeing a ten-year old girl play with knives and use the C word and shoot people-- kinda played like a nod-worthy trick more than something I could get super wowed out about. And no... you don't score points with me having a ten-year old use the 'C' word. And it doesn't have anything to do with me being uptight. It just feels cheap.

That all being said, it's not like I hated this movie. It's entertaining half one third of the time (1/3rd). I actually did like watching Nicholas Crage. (I secretly usually always like him. Although now it's hard to tell if he's doing a movie like this for the fun or the money). The Red Mist McLovin thing worked up until a point. And the bad guy was dickish enough. But as I drank down my second Hard Lemonade I was noticeably bored by the movie to the point where I distracted myself just staring at the grime on Kick-Ass's uniform or being annoyed by Red Mist's hairstyle.

I can't say I was disappointed by this movie-- because I expected to be disappointed. It's like they set out to make a goofy PG-13 movie and when that wasn't working they dressed stuff up to R for the shock value and the hook. And yah, I walked out with the same feeling I had about the spoof Zombieland. It's simply like too much dessert for my tastes. Real zombie movies throw in humor-- and it's like a bon bon. True superhero flicks show an awkward bumbling moment-- and it's a cookie. But to have it be the main course is just too much winking for my tastes. And the whole glut is just too sugary.

Three Good Things About this Movie

- I did dig the father/daughter relationship. And the batman tone.
- It did capture a comicbook vibe pretty honestly.
- Any time anybody shoots someone in the head from the top down I'm onboard.

Three Bad Things About this Movie

- I didn't feel any of the character motivation all around.
- I didn't care if anyone lived or died.
- The whole thing felt strung together and edited choppy style.

All in all, if you like comicbooks and stuff there's a good chance you'd dig this movie. Alot. It really is just a matter of taste. For me it's like sitting across the table from someone who is really enjoying their meal and they keep insisting I taste it. After refusing a half-dozen times and I finally give in and take a forkful. Chomp chomp. Yup. Just what I expected. It's not bad-- but not my thing. And as I watch the person really chowing down and smiling I shrug and say, 'Wow. They really like that stuff. I'm happy for them.'

But I'd never order it up...

PS. An exclusive interview with Kick-Ass is here!!! Bonus? Maybe not..


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PPS. Sorry no Hot Tub Time Machine review. I just couldn't get motivated for it after slacking on it for too long.
But I really did like it alot and laughed alot. But I give it