A former work colleague and I went to see the 7:30 pm showing of Kick—Ass. When I watched the promos of this film I had a gut feeling this was going to rock my world. I'm a geek at heart, so I can totally relate to Dave (Aaron Johnson) living his dream to become a real—life superhero.
Dave Lizewski is an average high school kid, a total geek, and was tired of watching bad people do mean things to good people. With that in mind, Dave decided to take it upon himself to turn himself into a superhero, despite the fact that he has no super—powers. He buys a costume off the Internet, works out with sticks, names his alter ego Kick—Ass, and manages to do a few good deeds, like rescuing a guy who’s being swarmed by a bunch of thugs. Bystanders catch Kick—Ass’s heroics with their cell phones and the event ends up on the web transforming him into a grassroots hero overnight.
My friend wanted to see another film, but I convinced him to go see this film instead.  I totally loved this movie; it never slowed down. The tone, the atmosphere, the violence and the language — everything played off each other.
Nothing about this film was cheap or flashy. Although the film was largely shot in Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario, its “down-to-earth” feeling of New York City made me feel right at home.
The John Wu/Tarantino gun fight scenes were awesome. Watching the fights between Chloë Moretz’s character (Hit Girl) and the baddies made me smile. I knew from the start that I wasn’t going to be bored. Also it was funny as anything. Everyone in the theatre clapped and cheered when mafia boss Frank D’Amico (Mark Strong) got what was coming to him.
Three good things about this movie:
1. All of the action scenes.
2. The comic book origin story of Big Daddy and Hit Girl.
3. Big Daddy calling Kick-Ass “Ass Kicked”.
Three bad things about this movie:
1. There was NOTHING bad about this movie. Everything clicked. Everything kicked–ass (I couldn’t resist using that pun there)!
I’m rating this film 4 cookays because the flow worked perfectly.