So when I got back from Thanksgiving in the burbs I was heading up the stairs and I heard my phone started ringing inside my apartment. I decided to go for it. Carrying a bag and taking steps two at a time I got my keys out and barged into my own apartment getting the phone just in time. That energy burst left me feeling lightheaded. A friend of mine asked if I wanted to see a flick. I said ok. Kinsey was playing down the street in 15 minutes so we went. I grabbed these two little bottles of red wine for the flick and picked up what I thought were wasabis but when I got to the theater I realized I bought the ROASTED peas not the WASABI peas. There's a big difference to me. One are great. One is gross. Just so you know:

See how similar looking!? The Kasugai people should be more careful with their packaging! I've done this at least three times and been disgusted by roasted non-hot! Get on the stick with your packaging you Kasugai crazy pea people!

Anyway, Kinsey. The only thing I really knew about Kinsey going in was that he was some pervert back in the 50's who corrupted American moral values by publicizing things that should have always remained private. Sex should be something kept behind closed doors and under lock and key I say. Leave people to their own devices I say.  Let them figure out how to do things and what feels good and stuff I say. Why do we need to flap dirty birdy laundry in public! Now America is all tarnished by women who flaunt their sexuality and enjoy sex like it's a sport or something. And men now believe that masturbation is normal when in fact everyone knows it may lead to various ailments including blindness and insanity and red splotches on your back. Perverts the lot of you! And now here they go an make a movie about this Kinsey deviant like he was some kind of social hero!? Why do we all need to know about woo-woos and wieners and things like bucking broncos, arabian goggles, ambushed paddingtons, angry dragons, snowmobiles, sticky ricardos, fish-eyes, and flying camels! As a country let's work on stuffing these things back in the closet where they belong!

Here's the thing about this Kinsey movie. This time period sexwise is sorta fascinating. Watching Dr. Kinsey change the world as the world around him got hazy was cool to see. The acting was good across the board (although I thought some of the casting was somehow awkward. everyone was too slightly familar. but whatever. i like Loni Linney alot and Liam Nilsson did a really nice job. oscar nominations to both I'm sure.) For the first 40 minutes, I thought this movie was really good. I was getting excited for where it was going. But then like a switch I got turned off to it. I could almost pinpoint the moment it downshifted. I kind of lost interest. It got half-boring, rambly, cliche, paint-by-numbers and it groped at my goods for respect. Practically reaching out for an Best Picture Oscar without wanting to knock anything over.

In alot of ways it was like Seabiscuit. A truly great story about flawed individuals who go about changing the world in their own way and all that. But somehow the greatness of the story and the film didn't gel well. The big story loomed above the film. Kinsey revolved around sex and the idea of sex and stories of sex and freedoms and inhibitions of sex and the science of sex and the crazy randomness of it all. But this movie was happy keeping us safe in the Kinsey 101 classroom and going chapter by chapter-- rather than taking us outside on a field trip to an educational orgy so we can get lost in it all he did.

Three Good Things About This Movie

- Loni Linney is a hot and something about her presence always lightens a mood up. (Plus after all her innocent roles it was nice to see her do chang chang.)
- Finding out the dilly with the Kinsey story filled in a blank in my brain that's been loitering for a while.
- Lithgow came thru with a supporting E for effort.

Three Bad Things About This Movie

- I thought the music was intrusive a bunch of times. I don't need tinkling of pianos during an emotional scene! What is this? All My Friggin Children?
- I didn't buy the right kind of peas.
- I would have liked it if the director to matched the style to the moment as it progressed. Start it off clean and neat and then get messier and scattery as it went..

All in all I thought this movie, which starts off really strong, turns out to be a disappointment. It's sort of a downer to see such great story and barely be able feel it. Bottom line. Great-great story. So-so film. Kinsey is certainly an upstanding respectable vehicle and all that blah blah blah - but it seemed like they were so focused on making sure the engine had all the parts... that they forgot the lube. 

<<< chyatt