(by Mike Anthony)
2 cookays (out of a possible 5); which equals (in site-creator Todd's words: "Decent try but issues and whatevery")...and those cookies are kind of stale.
Score: barely 2 cookays; and they aren't fun cookies like Oreo (tm) but more like those boring "arrowroot" (tm) baby cookies....
Skyline starts out okay ( was few minutes late but walked in at the perfect moment; with one of the main couples just landing in L.A.; and the writing on the screen said something like "15 hours earlier"...which told me I might've missed one scary opening scene).  the film then tries to jump back and fill us in on the world takeover).
But it soon sinks into 2-cookie out of 5 territory; with generic, fairly recognizable actors, in a bizarre situation that fails to grab us.
And no spoilers here; the few ads (usually this is a sign of "no-previews" for critics which signals a questionable film) show what it is supposed to be a world takeover of aliens....but feels like a mish-mash of the following:
DISTRICT 9: has giant space ships hovering over cities..and people change...
INDEPENDANCE DAY: flashy aliens that are attacking (among other things) the mighty american way of life...has fighter jets and everything....
MATRIX-Y STUFF: tentacled monsters flying spoiler here; look close in the (few) ads out there: they seem to be sucking people into their ship, for what? food? fuel? energy? pets? someting to probe? who knows?
CLOVERFIELD: feels like a mish-mash of young (late 20's/early 30's) suddenly torn out of their skinny jeans and high-rise partying and boozing by a sudden interruption of aliens (of various sizes) trashing the city
SIGNS: the isolated feel (we're not in the fighter jets; just holed up and watching what happens)..
And YOU could probably come up with a few more movies it feels it "borrowed" from if you sat through "SKYLINE"; which you probably shouldn't!
It was a so-so fun way to kill 90 minutes; have a movie hotdog and some popcorn---was glad I went alone and saved the new Denzel runaway train thriller for a date-night  with my girlfriend Tanya-liscious!!
See it for mindless fun, or if your cinema has a "cheap night"...but you can easily skip this one.  Better than the uber-weak "Jonah Hex" earlier this summer; but not even as good as the less than  satisfying "A -Team", also from ealrier this summer.
And the ending of this movie is the worst part of all: weak.  See the final point in "3 bad things" listed below for more info.
This movie is marginal at best.
3 good things about this movie:
*it's short; maybe 90 minutes
*some "okay" acting
*some "okay" effects
3 bad things about this movie:
*no real stars
*feels like a mish-mash of other films
*it feels like it doesn't know HOW or WHEN to end...the final 5 minute are like an extra act "tagged on" and even then we are left to wonder a  bit what real satisfaction here!!