(**Guest review from Jason for Invasion of the B Movies!)


It's been about a month since I've seen "Taken" in theaters, but I agreed to write this review for Todd only because he's paying me to.

*Checks email again*

Oh. Oh well. Then I guess I'm writing this for the fun of it.

Liam Neeson stars as Jack Bauer (ok not really but there are similarities), a former Government badass who was so into his job that he lost his family, meaning his wife divorced him and married a rich douchebag. Because of this, Liam quit his job and is trying to become friends with his daughter, Kim.

Liam takes on a job as a body guard to some singer chick who for some strange reason get attacked. I'm guessing someone seen "The Bodyguard" one too many times. A lot of people aren't out to kill pop singers. The only one I'm aware of is Miley Cyrus and frankly, you can't blame people for trying.

The singer is grateful and offers to give Kim free singing lessons and holy cow what does this have to do with anything? When does Liam start kicking ass? When do bad things happen? Get on with it already!

Soon enough, Kim asks Liam's permission to go to Europe to follow U2 and he reluctantly agrees only if she follows some rules like call every 20 minutes and don't have any fun. So Kim and her hot friend (she's over 18 so I'm allowed to think she's hot) arrive in Paris and immediately get picked up by some French dude. He gives them a ride to the place the girls will be staying and we know that this is probably a bad idea. While hot chick is talking about boinking the dude, some heavily armed thugs break in and start kidnaping.

Kim manages to get Liam on the phone and he tells her to shout out random things like what they look like. Instead of shutting her up by putting a gag in her mouth, they just let her scream their descriptions. So now Liam is on the case and he flies to Paris.

From this point on we get a bunch of ass kicking scenes. He finds the French dude and manages to have him run over by a car. He finds a weird secret sex lair at a construction site. He finds a house full of scummy bad guys. So you're probably wondering, why did they kidnap Kim and her hot friend? Are they former enemies of Liam's and they want revenge for something he did while working? No, that would make sense.

This isn't much of a spoiler (I don't think since we find out early on in the movie) but it has to do with sex trafficking. The bad guys in this movie kidnap hot tourist chicks, pump them full of drugs, then make them have sex. Eventually this leads to them selling the girls to rich guys in third world countries so they can be their personal sex slaves.

Does Liam manage to find Kim in time or will she be forced to go down on the overweight King of Foreignland for the rest of her life? You probably know the answer but I won't ruin it for you.

Three Things I Liked About This Movie:

-The action scenes were great. I love a good chase scene and lots of fighting.

-The one hot chick that was friends with Kim. She was hot.

-The surprise that Liam Neeson can play such a kick ass role.

Three Things I Didn't Like About This Movie:

-Sex trafficking? Really?

-The fact that Liam only cared about his daughter and didn't bother saving the other girls (besides the one but he only needed her to tell him where Kim was.) Like, those other girls are someone else's daughter and they'd be just as worried as he is. But Liam's attitude is like "Eh, whatever. Let their father come here and kick some ass."

-It took too long for all the action-y stuff to happen. The singer part wasn't really that important. Could've done without that.

All in all, it was a decent action movie. I grade action movies on a different scale cause all you want to see is explosions, people fighting, people hurt and maimed somehow, and the hero act like a hero. This one threw in a depressing story so I couldn't get into it as much. It's like if they did a Die Hard about child workers or something. We just want ass kicking, and that's it.