by Mike Anthony
This review is simple; and straightforward.  Just like the movie it's based on.
Saw "Unstoppable" this week with Denzel & the "Flame Guy" from the Fantastic 4 movies.  It's been at theatres for awhile; and if it's still in your area and you feel like a fun, tense mini-adventuire it's worth checking out out.  But don't sweat it; you can easily wait for the Blue-ray or online/Netflix purchase too.
Basic plot is that a train loaded with explosive industrial materials ends up running along the tracks without any staff on board to stop it.  How this happens is enjoyably plausible.  Towns in middle america are at risk, and the company struggles to contain the issue and its' costs which don't always go well together.
Denzel pulled off the "old, expereinced guy" role really well.  His family back story is a throwaway; but they managed to make the whole thing seem realistic and exciting . It was really something to see blue-collar guts outshine corporate greed.
The Fantastic 4 Flame guy (Chris Pine) also delivers in an understated way, and the eternally hot and talented Rosario Dawson takes on the role of a dispatch-type boss (kind of like Denzel did in Pelham 123, in fact) with surprise relish: you really end up enjoying her tackling the issue and the workplace landmines that go with it.
The fun thing here is that this is believable, delivers where it's supposed to, and keeps it simple: stop the damn train.  That's it.  Stop the train.  Or die trying.  Kind of makes you wonder what we'd do if our job, which we know has safety impacts on our world but has become routine, suddenly might require us to risk our own neck for the common good.
Rating: 3.5 cookies out of 5
3 good things about this movie:
* As always, just love watching/listening to Denzel
* They make it believable
* just remember this line: "You already did" (no spolier ; just remember it)
3 Bad things about this movie:
* Backstories are a little light; almost not needed
* A little lazy with the final wrap up; where we're told/shown what becomes of each character
* Okay--this one is selfish BUT: my cineplex was out of movie hotdogs: Ilike movie hot dogs as much or more than popcorn...the snacks are a HUGE part of my movie experience