Here's all the poets who sent in poems when Monday's was about poetry and not nuts.
No more submissions please. Thanks to all the poets!

Title Author
Untitled 2 Brain Cell Productions
Untitled Aimee Linder
The Day Alex Silverstein
About Her Anonymous
Can You See? Anonymous
Time To Spare Bored out of my Gourd
My Birthday Poem, for August 12th C. K.
Blue Flair Pen Carrie Clark Pennoyer
Too close for comfort Carrie P.
Battle Duet Chelsea Clark
***Stare*** Chris K
Spot 27 Christine Lee and Heather Enyingi
Super Todd in Attack of the Clockwork Mep Colin John Francis Hirlehey
Her Commune Chris
Upwards, Downwards Coot
Feminine Touch David Robbins
Rabbit & Eye David Robbins
The Raven Edgar Allan Poe
Waiting On Rumors Eric N.
Autumn Is Faster Eric Nixon
California Eric Nixon
Electric Vacation Eric Nixon
Empty Cone Eric Nixon
Happily Ignoring Eric Nixon
Paintball Casino Eric Nixon
Urban Tectonic Shifts Eric Nixon
The Flowers In My Window Erica
Whitetails Eugene J. Fisher
I Love Hello Kitty Geoffrey G.
Untitled Grace
Untitled Gregory Bogosian
poem on cookays James Apgar
School Jeff Watzman and Mike Corrigan
fourth of july Jen V.V.
My Chocolate Covered Oblivion Jeremy H.
Riverboat Jill Merill
Scrambled Eggs John N.
An Irish Tale John T. Baker
Well K. Brooke Arnold
Lime Drink Kelli Fern
Untitled Louise Reilly and Penny Frank
Ode to Hostess Mary F.
Summer Mike E.
Boobock Hat Mike L.
Driving Towards The Day Mini Andreano
Driving Nicole Karas
How Buford got his groove back OddTodd Fan
Beautiful Pamela Lewis
Bored In Spanish Peter V.
It's a Poem Because Someone Told Me It's a Poem Piedmont
Love in the Cardboard City R. F.
Blessed Richthofen
Tenants Robin C.
Untitled Robin C.
Kemah, Texas Roger Veteto
Logic of an Illogical Mind Scott H.
My Life As Of 9 to 5 Serhot
Letting Go Sharon Galloway
The Joys Of The Unemployed Stacey Kamen
A Dream I Had Sunny Dawn
My Perfect World the great katsby
For My Younger Sister Theresa Gillespie
Monday, Eternity, Monday Tiffanie
Paper Burns Travis May
The Siren Sea Uncle Fred The Sailor Man
Poem Valerie V.
Haiku Wilhem
Hermit Crab In A Bucket William J. H.