Hey Odd Todd.
I've been lookin' at yo' site for about a year now, and I think your pretty swell. The toons are funtastic and the games have gotten progressively more awesome. My fave is still cookay slots. Me and my friends always make the goofy noises that the buttons make when you click 'em (this being around 3 am when we've had about as much double shooting star chocolate lucky charms and super smash brothers as we can handle). Thanks for all the fun and smiles and good vibes. You're definitely a role model of mine in the attitude department. Give Roscoe a pat on the noggin for me, he's a pal.

And speaking of pals, I've sent in a pic of mine. His name is Murray. We call him mad-eye murray because during the summer he went blind for a day and ran into walls and stuff and his eye was clouded and the vet didnt know wtf was up but the next day he could see and his eye changed color. Weird! Well anyway, good luck with stuff, I promise I'll send you some tippage once I get a job and stuff (I'm only 16).

~Jeff S~
 Minnetonka, Minnesota