You got a bad neighbor? Or bad tenant? Or a bad landlord? Or bad dormroom neighbor? Or a bad roommate? Or are you the bad neighbor? Or do you disagree or have advice?

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Alright, it's finally my turn.
I worked at amusment park w/ dorm houseing. I was not only fortunite to end up won not one but TWO numbskulls at rommates. The sad thing is that they invited me to movie in with them.
First of all, thr guys freaked out if I accidenly left the door unlocked when I went to take a shower (two doors down the hall!)
Next, the guy got ballistic when i watched his TV! (there was only ONE cable hook-up in the room.)
Then they got annoyed when I sat on his bunk to put on some clothes. I was on the top bunk. what was I suppodsed to do?
Last but not least, he had a VERY MINOR car accident  and I ragged on him about it. he starts KICKING me!
About three months later, I get a call from him saying it was a big mistake that I moved in with them! Go figure...


My neighbors are annoying. The man starts his car around 4 am and lets it run for at least 1/2 hour with the music BLARING. Sometimes it sits there for an hour with music blaring.
and it's the same song over and over and over. DAH DAH DAH, DO DO DO. DAH DAH DAH. I thought about going over there and saying something like " your stereo system sounds awesome, but can ya just turn it down a little bit? " but he doesn't look very approachable, just like his wife. If went over there, they'd probably throw me in the back of one of their land destroyer vehicles and kill me while the music is blaring.
 The kids are great! They're polite and friendly. I can't call the cops because the neighbors would know it's me, as I'm the only house next to them.
AZ from Chicago


Got a terrible neighbor? A terribler neighbor? Do you suck as a neighbor? Think about it... write now!
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