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I told you earlier about my neighbor the queen of the harpies who didnít seem to mind having a dead, rotten raccoon in her backyard.  Well, she got a dog Ė a border collie no less Ė a while back.  Every morning she walks her dog at 7:00 am on the road in front of my house (off leash).  She walks until the dog poops in yard of either my neighbor across the street or next door to me.  I have my blinds open (I work from home in the mornings) so she sees me and knows that I know.  She has NEVER, EVER picked up the poop.  Once her dog poops, she turns and goes home.  I swear if I catch her doing that in my yard, Iím coming out like a cat on fire all over her arse.  I mean, that is so frickiní rude.  She has her own two acre yard, but her dog only poops in othersí yards.

Becky in Tejas


Hilarious photos of neighbad lawns.


Hey, tOdd!
My neighbor sucks. When my uncle moved out of the house next door, a bunch of hispanic people moved in. I don't mind most of them, but their tenant (who my brother says is also their relative) is a total jerk.
When he first moved in, he started throwing cigarette butts over the fence into my yard. My mother found them and blamed it on her boyfriend, who smokes. But she soon realized that there was a huge pile of snow in the yard blocking access to that side of the yard where all the butts were, so we realized it was the neighbor. She put them in a bucket and dumped them back over the fence.
Then, he started throwing beer bottles. This pissed us off, so my mother complained to the neighbors, and they yelled at the guy and told him to stop throwing his trash into our yard. He didn't.
Now, here's the real disgusting (and confusing) part. One day, I was coming home from my grandmother's house (who also lives next door to both my house and the neighbors in question). I looked over at the house, and saw the guy was pissing out the goddamn window! This is disgusting for obvious reasons, but it was confusing because there's a bathroom right across the hall from the room he was in! Why didn't he just use the bathroom? Maybe he was drunk, I don't know. It was still disgusting. What's more, there's streaks all over the wall under the window, proving that that wasn't the first time he had done that, and I don't think it was the last either! We decided we're calling the police the next time we catch him pissing out the window. For crying out loud, there's young children in the neighborhood!
He hasn't pissed out the window for a while, but he still throws trash in my yard and blares his lousy pop music (Backstreet Boys WTF) with the bass cranked up so loud that we can hear the WHOOM WHOOM WHOOM from the opposite side of the house (and I have a big house) and giving us all headaches.
That's my bad neighbor story.


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