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Get hit? Got hit? Did hit? Seen hit? Hit self?! All in the nuts.  Send it in.

Hi T0dd. Love your site, first of all. very odd.

This story doesn't include me; it's one my friend told me. For privacy
purposes, she shall be known as "Miss X". This occured about a month ago.
Miss X is 14 btw, as is the person who gets nutted.

Miss X was at her friend's house for a sleep over. Miss X's friend's
brother was supposedly staying at a friend's house himself for the night,
which was a relief, as Miss X didn't like him very much. Anyway, because he
was away, Miss X used his matress to sleep on, seeing as it was a sleepover
(logic these days. Miraculous, don't you think?). Anyway, at about 2 oclock
in the morning, the brother came in through his bedroom window; God knows
why. Seeing as he couldn't sleep without his matress, he came through to
the room Miss X was sleeping in, and woke her up very rudely to take it
back. Miss X, being a grumpy person when woken up at 2 oclock in the
morning, told him to F*** off and sleep on the road. At this, the brother
made a comment about Miss X's pj's, which was quite a mean comment.

This was too much for Miss X. While lying on the bed, with her friend's brother
standing rudely over her, she planted her heel right into his groin as hard
as she could. If she had kicked any harder, she would have shattered her
own knee cap from the force of the kick. The brother went down screaming,
rolling on the floor, holding his nuts. This wasn't enough for Miss X
though. the brother had been so mean to her in the last few days, she
wanted more. While he was lying there, she quietly got up and got her boot.
Being part-gothic, her boots were the ones that are big and black with the
solid heels on them. She put her boot onto her right foot, being her
strongest, and went over to him. She grabbed his arms and held them apart,
keeping him in a stomach-up position. with his legs loosely apart, she
jumped into the air and landed full on the heel of her right foot, right on
his balls. He screamed and screamed. it was a good thing the parents were
in the opposite side of the house, with a few part-soundproof doors in
between. Miss X went back to bed after this. The brother laid there for at
very least an hour, (though Miss X fell asleep after that), whimpering and
sobbing. No doubt he wanted to move before she woke up again. He never woke
her up at 2 oclock again, and if he's smart he never will. I was holding my
own balls after hearing this story. Hopefully I'll remember to not wake her
up. If I don't, you'll hear about it.

Thanks for the webspace,
James Anonymous.



Once when I was at the age of 17, I had already moved out two months earlier and I was living in a condiminium. I thought I should get a girl friend. Despite the fact that the mall that day was full of hot girls I had to find one that was my age and had already moved out on her own like me. After about thrre hours, I found a chick who was 17, just a few months older than me. She was dangerously hot too. After a few weeks of dating I decided she would be perfect for a girlfriend, showing just the right amount of aggrestion. My mistake. I invited her to my house one night at 9:00 and asked her if she  wanted to strip and have some fun. Second mistake. She turned out to be really aggresive. Before I knew what was happening she had grabbed both my arms and pulled them behind my back. Then she pushed me down on the bed. She tucked my legs underneath me and pulled my knees apart in a way I coulden't resist. She smiled at my terrified expression. Then she swung her right fist hard. It made contact with my naked testicles so hard that the pain radiated up and down my body and I let out a scream of agony. She laughed at my tortured expression and started kneeing me right on my balls 50 times in a row. I passed out in the middle of it but the pain woke me up again.
When she was done shewaited for me to stop screaming. After about 5 minutes I stopped. But before I could try to sit up she put one hand on my bare chest and pushed me back down again. Then she did somthing very strange. She layed down on the bed and put both of her bare feet up against my bare gonads. Her toes felt cool and soothing and at first I thought she was trying to reduce the pain. But I was wrong. Then slowly her toes began to curl around my balls snugly and they began to feel much better- for mabey a few seconds. Then they began to get tighter and tighter until my nuts felt like they were on fire. Now I have been kicked, slapped, kneed, and punched in the nuts numerous times but I have never felt pain as great as this. Ladies, if you want to inflict serious pain on your boyfriends or husbands do what she did. I garrentee you you'll have him screaming his heads off in a matter of seconds. Anyway back to the story. She squeezed and squeezed on my nuts until they were almost cracked. I must of passed out about 15 times but the unbearable pain kept waking me back up. Her big toe  was pressing into each nut so hard I almost died. She just laughed and watched me lapse in and out of consciousness. For what seemed like hours she continued crushing my jewels untill finally she stopped. It felt like I was screaming for days but I think it was really just a few hours.

When I finally quit she came into my room and sat down beside me. When she reached for my balls I thought at fist she was going to crush them some more but I was wrong again. Instead she stroked the damaged testicles. They had black and blue toeprints all over them and felt numb and swollen. She smiled and her pretty eyes sparkled. Her cool hands felt good against my ingured nuts. I started to feel a little better. However, I never completly forgave her though because I was in so much pain that day I failed my Chemistry test. That was six months ago and still my jewels havn't fully recovered. Melisa and I still date, but only because I made her promise never to crush my nuts between her toes again.

To this day I still let her come to my house house at night where we both strip and I let her gently tug, squeeze, or kick, wih my testicles. I don't let her knee me there or punch me there and I don't let her kick me there if she's wearing shoes. But I do let her, on occasion, to pull my legs apart and grind the arch of her  bare foot into my naked, unprotected gonads. It hurts them but it doesn't bruise them and it doesn't make me pass out. To this very day Melisa and I are still dating but I doubt we will ever get married. Even so, despite all the times she tortured me, Melisa brings great joy to my life. :)     


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