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Get hit? Got hit? Did hit? Seen hit? Hit self?! All in the nuts.  Send it in.

I'm a girl, but I think this story fits...
I used to play in a co-ed softball league in college.  One game our regular second baseman said he couldn't play infield because he forgot his cup.  I made some snide comment about guys being too delicate to play and told him I'd step up and take his place.  Karma was apparently listening as I made fun of this particular male weakness.
In the second or third inning, a guy hit a hard grounder right to me.  I got my glove down in plenty of time, but the ball took a weird hop and drilled me right in the crotch.  The pain was incredible.  I fell to the ground and curled up in the typical fetal position, hand stuffed between my legs.  I finally had to be carried off the field and spent the rest of the game on the bench with an ice bag on my crotch.  I was sore for days and had the pleasure of teammates asking me how my "balls" were doing. 
Ever since, I have a lot more sympathy for guys when they get racked.  And to all the girls out there who think a blow the crotch won't drop you to your knees, think again...


Hey Todd,
I don't have any nut shot stories of my own, 'cause I'm a girl, but my brother-in-law (BIL) has a doozy and I doubt he visits this site.  My husband loves to tell this story.
My husbands family owned a small grocery story when they were growing up.  It had a low false ceiling and they stored stuff in the rafters above the false ceiling.  Hubby and BIL were send up there one summer when they were in high school, to bring down this really heavy air conditioner.  They were walking back to the hatch on the tiny path of a 1" x10" that was laid across the beams when BIL miss-stepped.  He slid off the 1"x10".  His feet and legs burst through the false ceiling and he ended up straddling the 2"x6" beam.  Hubby says that BIL sat there for a second and then his eyes rolled back into his head and slid off sideways through the ceiling.  
This is the part where it gets crazy.  BIL falls through and my father-in-law ACTUALLY CAUGHT HIM midair before he was about to fall on a really nasty display shelf.  Hubby is now holding this REALLY heavy AC unit by himself, trying not to fall through the ceiling and joint them in one giant splatter.  Fortunately he recovered his balance and got to the hatch.  If he'd lost it, the AC (and possibly himself) would have fallen on BIL and their dad.
I can just see the news headline - FAMILY OF 3 WHIPED OUT IN FREAK NUT SHOT ACCIDENT


A few years ago, I was playing inline hockey in my drive way to kill a
few hours with a friend. We were just shooting the ball around. I took
the ball around and skated towards the net. My friend tried to chase me
and get me to lose the ball. He stuck his stick through my legs from
behind to try and hit my stick. He ended up tripping me, and I fell on
his stick while the blade of it was sticking up. Hard to explain but it
hurt like hell.

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