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Get hit? Got hit? Did hit? Seen hit? Hit self?! All in the nuts.  Send it in.

In sixth grade, I was on the school's Basketball team, and at the time I
was probably just over 5 feet tall. They had a guy who was 6'2". He
looked like he belonged in High School. So at one point in the third
quarter, I find myself with the ball, and the big guy is guarding me.  I
was used to it because my brother was the same height and I played
against him a lot. I turned my back towards him, to protect the ball and
see where everyone was. I decided i would go to the basket as fast as I
could around the guy. So I turned to my right, put the ball in my left
hand so it was as far away from him as possible and sprinted to the
basket. I made the easy shot, but upon turning around I see the game was
stopped, and the big guy was laying on the floor.

I guess I elbowed him as I turned around.


I got a good balls story for ya.
When I was a kid, I played little league baseball. The league was from 9-12, and I was 9 at the time. Because the coach wanted to win, all the big kids played the infield and little kids played the outfield (mainly because about a third of the players could even hit it that far). Anyway, our season was on its last game before the park playoffs. We had already qualified, so our coach let the little kids play the infield, while the older ones played the outfield and first base. Since I was the starting left fielder at the time, the coach let me play third base. I was pretty good for a 9 year old and for about 4 innings everything was cool. But in the 4th inning the big kid on the other team came up. He hit a grounder right at me. I lunged into position, put my glove down, and at the last second it popped up and hit me where it counts. Luckily I was wearing a cup (which I started to wear only two games before) and it bounced only about a foot in front of me. Since he was slow I used my body weight to heave the ball to first base and I got him. But since I had to use my body weight, I basically flopped forward face-first onto the ground. For the next few seconds I blacked out. I was all right after a few minutes on the bench, but my younger teammates were mad at me because the coach made them all go back to the outfield since I got hurt. Man I felt like a sissy. But we won the game and the park playoffs that year, and we finally got the big kid out, so I was all right after the season. Today I'm 19 and when I play (left field, ironically) I always wear a size bigger pants because I cannot count on 2 hands how many times a ball has found its way down there, but that one hurt the most.
I was 22 and living at home. There was just me, my mom and my sister. Since we had grown up together we were all comfortable being naked around the house. And we were all well endowed. My penis 7 inches floppy and 9 inches hard. My sister, who was 19 at the time, was a natural 32dd. One day we were naked sunbathing, and i went inside for a drink. My sister came in and for a laugh knocked the drink out of my hand. I pushed her quite hard and she slamed against the wall. She really lost her temper and tackled me to the ground. As we wrestled around I made the mistake of pulling her hair. Right then I felt the most excruciating pain as she grabbed my balls and squeezed them as hard as she could. I screamed in pain but she wouldn't let go. Then mom heard and came to see what was happening. She told my sister to let go and eventually she did. I could move for the pain! About 10 minutes passed before the pain eased, and then I felt pins and needles run right down the length of my penis. I went and collapsed on the bed, and tried to sleep it off. It took a while but eventually I did drift off. I woke up the next morning and straight away I knew something was wrong. My penis was completely numb! I ran to the living room to tell my mom. My sister was there and she burst into hysterics. I got dressed and mom took me to the hospital. The doctors examined me for a while, it felt like forever. They came and spoke to me after about an hour and a half and told me the devastating news. My sister had damaged nerves in my balls and she had paralyzed my penis for the rest of my life! We went home, went straight to my room and lay on the bed. Mom told my sister what she had done to me, she came to my room and started laughing saying she was so happy she did it! Now I will never get an erection again while she can have sex as much as she wants. My penis just hangs there lifeless and useless, and she takes great delight in making fun of me and telling all her friends what she did to me.


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