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TV told me that in Japan there's a problem because dudes are squeezing chicks butts on the subway and it's like a growing trend or something. Groping gone wild. So chicks are fighting back... with their cellphones. They have an application on their phone that flashes a message like, 'Did you just grope me?' and 'I'm gonna call the police!' Stuff like that.

Here's the chick from The Office getting her boobs groped... (although I've always been more of Dawn fan)


So I seen that there's gonna be this race down in Australia that's 100% solar powered cars. I guess that's coolio and should be a fun race with some goofy cars and stuff. Unless it rains. Then that would suck. But I guess that applies to all races. They all suck in the rain. Except horse races. Which are kind of cool in the rain. Also pig races. Those are probably ok when it rains too. And rain races. Hey! It's raining today! I gets to stay inside with Roscoe guilt free!

Here's info on the solar race! And here's some good smashy smashiness!


So this chick Joy Bauer told me that wine drinking in moderation is healthy and stuff as long as you don't drink it all day everyday and stuff. They say that red wine is better because red wine uses the skin of the grapes which has the extra good stuff or something. Grapes give you fidonutrients (sp?) she just said including resvertatrol! Some dude standing next to her just said colder climate grapes are better. Like "Malbec".

I dunno. This guy drinks alot of wine and he's all sick...


Last night I saw something bout elephants and it makes me feel like if all the elephants die then the world will end. I don't think it's when the bees are gone. I think it's when the elephants are gone. (What happened to that bee scare anyway?) Anyway, elephants seem to be good judge of character based on first impressions. Like some peaceful tribes of people in the area dress in red clothes-- and elephants are relaxed around them. But a dickish tribe called the Maasai 'prove their manhood' by spearing elephants. If someone comes around smelling and looking Maasai... elephants take off running. What's with the whole 'prove manhood' thing anyway? Everybody's gotta relax...

Here's some elephant facts...


Today I saw a little piece about an artist named Congo. He was some chimp back in like the 60's who liked painting pictures. He would 'balance' out paintings if someone doodled on them and get pissed if he was forced to keep painting after he felt it was done. Some of the paintings now sell for thousands and thousands. I think if a chimpanzee can paint paintings it should automatically get a driver's license...

Wanna buy some Congo work?


Sorry no daily factoid yesterday. I ended up going down the street to the Irish Pub and playing Bingo for a bunch of hours. I didn't know they were gonna be doing bingo! I just went down for a bite to eat! But after getting bingo burned (losing over and over with one number left) I had to stick it out till I won! And I did! Booyah! Great factoid coming laters...

"There was a farmer who had a dog and Bingo was his name-o." Is it possible the farmer was named Bingo?


So last night on 60 Minutes I saw something sad/happy/sad/happy. Apparently Doctors Without Borders came up with something to help starving kids. It's called Plumpy Nut. Basically it's like a peanutbutter paste with some vitamins and other stuff. See there's all these starving kids out there. And they found out that if they feed the kids something nutritious-- they stop starving! A cure for starving!!

Not sure why it took so long to get something like this together but I'm glad it's here. Here's more info on Plumpy Nut.


Today news dude told me that chicks are getting ready to take over outerspace. The commander of the space shuttle is a chick and she's gonna be flying to the International Space Station which is currently run by a chick. Is this the beginning of the end for men? Will women finally start their work to control the universe, take over the earth and enslave all men-- turning the whole male species into sex slaves-- keeping them around for procreation only? Fingers crossed...

What goes on on that space station anyway? Anything? Or is it all just high fiving and drinking Tang?

Here's a tour of it. And here's an old Tang ad that's funnier if you use the other definition of 'tang'.


So yesterday I found out that McDonalds may have dropped supersizing stuff but they've been busy working biggie stuff back on their menu by just naming it something other than 'supersize'. Like they've busted out the Hugo sized drink which is basically the same thing as a supersized situation. I guess business is business but maybe they could think of a better name than 'Hugo'...?

You'd think a multizillion dollar company would have a website that was better than this friggin POS site. Supersize that!


So the news tonight that the Mars rovers will be driving around on Mars for a couple more years. (Who even knew they were still going?) Apparently with the solar power and all that they can keep cruising around finishing their mission... (which is taking pictures of rocks and constantly threatening to almost find water). The cost to this whole mission was like a billion dollars. Sort of a bummer when you realize that only billion bucks can send two rovers to Mars for years-- cause if we didn't have all this war stuff we'd totally be all Star Treked out by now doing it in space all weightless and drinking blue drinks on the moon.

Here's the cost of war...


Hey! Sorry no daily factizoidal yesterday! I got all caught up watching the horrendous Aeon Flux movie on the TV and it might have been somewhat comprehensible if it wasn't so unbelievably ridonkulous. Nothing to learn there except there seems to be some sort of under the radar pool of money that funds stuff that can never work. I guess that applies to everything tho...

And then there's this here...


So they found out the other day that some fish can get insomnia. I guess they get all stressed out because the treasure chest won't stop opening or closing. Or the constant bubbler noise makes them mental and they just want some peace and quiet. But apparently, some dude stared at fish all night long and found out some had trouble sleeping. Why do I think this is the type of study that happens when scientists smoke meth...?

Scary meth ads here!


TV told me yesterday that some dork is predicting that people in the year 2050 will be legally allowed to marry their robot. He says they will be so emotionally evolved that it will cross over into real relationships and stuff. Well, I'm willing to bet that this will not be true in 2050. In fact, if it is true in 2050 and you can marry your robot-- invite me to the wedding and I will strip my old man self naked and do a helicopter dance right in the middle of the dancefloor while singing 'What a Feeling....'

Here's some robot sex (NSFW... umm... if you work with robots...)


Today on Bizarre Foods I learnt something about what Filipinos like to eat. (Isn't it weird that people from the Philippines are Filipinos? What's with that spelling? Makes me feel like a typo happened back in the day and it stuck.) Anyway, it's called Balut and it's basically a fertilized duck egg with a duck embryo inside and it's steamed and then people eat the duck fetus whole and the yolk and all that like a snack. Sounds really good!! Wait did I type 'good'... I meant 'gross'....

Here goes some chick eating it up...


So I found out that Paul Allen (megarich micromofo) has flipped a switch on some telescope that will scan millions of miles of space square footage or something to look for aliens. He's really into the idea of seeing some aliens like asap. I guess that's coolio. I'd like to see some aliens in the next day or so--- as long as they don't have pincers and slime face...

Here goes the ATA (Alien Telescope Array)


Today I saw a news story about how more and more people are feeling 'phantom vibrations' or hearing 'phantom rings'. Basically when you think you feel your cellphone vibrating or hear it ringing when it's not. Science dudes are saying its sort of the same thing as 'phantom limb' type situations. However there's another group of people that are claiming it's a way dead people are trying to get back in touch with the living... however that particular group is very very small. So small that it's not really a group at all--- it's just a couple stoners (Greg and CJ) sitting around throwing out theories while eating cotton candy.


Last night I watched House which I thought was a big mess. I couldn't follow it really because they kept cutting away to some other hospital or something and I didn't even know who they were talking about. But there was a cute service dog which made me smile and some guy's blood turned green so I googled that to see if that happens in real life ever.

Here's what I found out. I guess it's a Canadian thing or something...


So I found out there's a growing trend that parents are doing. Treating their kids as an accessory. Dressing them up to look all super cool or matching outfits to whatever they're wearing or slapping some kind of personality all over their kid that screams, 'Look at me! I'm too cool!' or 'Look at me! I'm a punk!' or 'Look at me! I'm witty!' I guess that's ok to mess with your own kids fashion. But in some cases it just screams., 'Look at me! I'm douchebag spawn!'

Here's an 'My mama drinks because I cry...' tshirt.


So weekend tv news weirdos told me that people are starting to get DNA tests for their mutt dogs. Apparently there's a test where you can figure out what Fido's family tree is all about. Like part-collie-part-retriever-part-pit-part-chihuahua or whatever. I think that's coolio... as long as it doesn't start naming new breeds of dogs like cock-a-poodledoodle or whatever. Or in this case, collie-triever-bull-hua... or something.

Wanna give your mutt a test?


Sorry no daily factoid yesterdays. I didn't watch much TV because we got in a fight the other day because the DVR didn't dvr Dirty Sexy Money. So I had to give it the snub. But I think we're on better terms today! Good fact laters!

Here's a goth page.


Last night I watched House (I'm a late comer to this show but I like it even though it's dopey). And that show told me that the original Tin Man from Oz named Buddy Epsen died of aluminum poisoning from his Tin Man makeup. Because he was allergic or something. But when I googled him google told me that he died at 95. So not sure what the dilly is. If aluminum poisoning kills people at 95 I'm gonna get some of that! Did House lie to me? Did TV lie?!

Here he goes singing. And yes, I'm still paranoid about this.


Morning TV yokels told me that NYC cabbies are gearing up to go on strike because the city might put GPS devices in all the cabs. Cabbies don't like the idea because they feel like it's spying and that 'rivals can see their traffic patterns or something. I dunno. Cabbies have a tough job and all but it sounds like the people who are pushing back the most are the people who take tourists 25 blocks to get from 44th street to 42nd....

I dunno. Maybe they can be artsy about it all...


Uh oh spaghettio. Apparently some Roomba (robot vacuum cleaners) are being treated like pets. Some Roomba owners are dressing up their Roombas, giving em names, and even buying new carpets and stuff that's easier for 'Potsi' or whatever the Roombas name is. They say this is proof that people are willing to accept (and be controlled) by robots in the privacy of their own house.

Here's a creepy alien robot chamber for $1,500,000.


Sorry no factoid yesterday. I did end up watching A Simple Plan immediately after finishing the book which was kind of weird. I've never mushed book to movay that close time-wise before. Interesting--ish...

Here's some guy tracking down where it was filmed...

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