December 28 2021

Dermatologist Astronaut

Howdy! Ha! Sharing this fun ridiculousness from Todd n’ Tina! Check it out! 🙂

happy new year all! new year all brand new!


Hey Todd,
Todd of the family-friendly music duo Todd’n’Tina here ( I really enjoy your website, cartoon, and humor and thought you and your readers MIGHT enjoy our ridiculous video for “Dermatologist Astronaut” – – if it’s something ya dig, please feel free to share!

Thanks for your time and have a wonderful holiday season!
Todd M

December 06 2021

Holidays Are Here! Merry Merry!

Flash is all donezo! I’ll try and get the old toons up on the youtubes if I can find the original files and all that!

Anyone know how to convert SWF? write me! [email protected]!

But here’s a bunch of fun SANTA STORIES here!

And if you want to buy some ELF UP AND MEP MERCH it’s all HERE!

Get yer tree-o an ornamento!

Good vibes to y’all for a great 2023!


October 05 2021

Boooo! Halloween Reruns!

Boooooo! Watch all SEVEN Odd Todd HALLOWEEN TOONS HERE!

Also the ghosts of pumpkin contests of the past live here!

And take a cand-ay poll here!


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