December 23 2018

He’s here!!! Henry Rocco Rosenberg! Born here at home on December 19th!

All went according to plan! And all is well. Love my family and so very proud of my wife — big sister Alice doing great — love this boy soooo much!️ ️ Henry is here! More pics to come!

December 15 2018

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Hey Todd,
You’ve been kinda enough to share my weirdo pop tunes/videos in the past… THANKS AGAIN!!! I just did a fun jingle/video dedicated to my love of the MANGROOMER electric back shaver (yes,it’s a real product!). Please check it out and considering sharing the video with your audience!

Thanks for your consideration and have a GREAT Christmas!!!


November 20 2018

Roscoe Stories

If you’re stopping by for Roscoe stories…

They’re here. More here.


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