December 06 2021

Holidays Are Here! Merry Merry!

Flash is all donezo! I’ll try and get the old toons up on the youtubes if I can find the original files and all that!

Anyone know how to convert swf? write me! [email protected]!

But here’s a bunch of fun SANTA STORIES HERE!

And if you want to buy some Elf Up merch it’s all here!

Get yer tree-o an ornamento!

Good vibes to y’all for a great 2022!


October 05 2021

Boooo! Halloween Reruns Again!

Boooooo! Watch all SEVEN Odd Todd HALLOWEEN TOONS HERE!

Also the ghosts of pumpkin contests of the past live here!

And take a cand-ay poll here!


August 20 2021

SHRUNK update!


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